This has got to be the fastest ever Call of Duty: Warzone bounty completion

Ever since Call of Duty: Warzone came out, players have posted clips of fast bounty completions, with some even claiming a world record.

But this one… this one has to be the fastest ever.

A bit of background: Activision’s battle royale contains a “contract” type called a “bounty”. When you pick this contract up, you and your squad have only a few minutes to hunt down a player within an enemy squad. Your Tac Map shows the approximate location of the foe, but you have to find out precisely where they are and execute them.

Moving on to the clip posted to the Warzone subreddit by user Kaspriskee.

What appears to have happened here is the player’s teammate picks up the bounty as the sniper rifle bullet is travelling through the air towards the bounty target’s head. When the bullet lands, the target is killed and the contract is completed. It all happens in the blink of an eye – a bounty completion in milliseconds.

There’s a debate about whether this is the fastest ever Call of Duty: Warzone bounty completion and most agree it must be – at least in terms of those surfaced within the wider community. For comparison’s sake

So! If we’re doing the world record bounty completion thing, I think we have a winner. Stunning stuff!